Life Balance

Ever feel like you are standing in one place and the world is spinning around you? It’s as if you are on the same merry-go-round that used to make you scream when you were younger because it wouldn’t stop. You are not alone. Life in college can sometimes seem to be a roller coaster. Between […]

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Wellness in the Summer

Summertime, sweet summertime has finally arrived. We have waited all year, all semester for this break to come. So that we can relax, take a load off, and who are we kidding, get some sun! But what about all of our hard-work throughout the entire semester, those late night workouts and early morning runs so […]

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How to Not Waste Your Summer

This week is Finals Week, where dark circles form under our eyes as we sip on our third cup of joe in the third floor of the library. But guess what is awaiting us next week: Summer Break! For some of us, this means more classes; for others it means work or internships. Some of us […]

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