How to Not Waste Your Summer


This week is Finals Week, where dark circles form under our eyes as we sip on our third cup of joe in the third floor of the library. But guess what is awaiting us next week: Summer Break! For some of us, this means more classes; for others it means work or internships. Some of us have no idea what to do other than relaxing by the pool while getting a sun tan. If no decisions have been made on how to spend summer break(other than catching up on sleep) or if you’re looking to do a little extra, read on for ideas to make your summer worth-while!

  • For the Studious Student: For those of us who are committed to furthering our studies post-graduation, summer break is the perfect time to study for those standardized tests like the GRE, LSAT, and PCAT. It can be done at the comfort of the outdoors while sipping on an ice cold beverage, and you may even retain the information better! If a standardized test is not on your to-do list, it is not too late to register for a summer class! You can graduate early or catch up on credit hours.
  • For the Go-Getter: Tired of studying? Add to your resume by finding a relevant job or internship. There are many postings that can be found in the internet that you could easily apply to— just be aware of the possibility of being far from home. If there is no such luck in finding a position within your program of study, job shadow! Stop by a business place you find fascinating, and kindly ask to job shadow— they will be honored that you are interested in what they do. As a Bonus: you’ve just gained a great reference!
  • For the Adventurer: If you’re wanting to travel, and have the money for it, it’s time for a Road Trip! Gather your friends or family members, and plan a trip around Georgia, across a few states, or even all over the U.S! There are many fascinating landmarks to visit close by!
  • For the Foodie: If you’re stuck at home watching Food Network all summer long, now is your time to shine by experimenting in your kitchen! Gather recipes and change a few ingredients to find new flavors and textures. You can even create a blog to post all of your creations!
  • For the Creative-Mind: Now with more time on your hands, it is the perfect time to start painting, drawing, and crafting again! If you don’t want to have all these crafts laying around, make an Etsy account and sell them for extra cash.
  • For the Writer: Are you an aspiring writer? Now is the time to begin that book you’ve always wanted to write! Get ideas, start drafting, and create your masterpiece. When classes come around in August, you will be ready to get your book edited and reviewed by one of the many marvelous English professors here at GSU.
  • For Anyone and Everyone: Now that we have more time on our hands, summer is the perfect time to focus on our health. Start an exercise routine, learn how to cook healthy meals, practice meditation, develop a healthy sleeping schedule, and get out there and socialize!

And there you have it! Whether you choose to work, study, travel, or create, summer is the time for you to explore and enjoy yourself. Try new things, get our of your comfort zone, and have fun— Life is meant to be enjoyed! Have a wonderful summer break, and see you in the Fall!

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