Life Balance

Balance 2

Ever feel like you are standing in one place and the world is spinning around you? It’s as if you are on the same merry-go-round that used to make you scream when you were younger because it wouldn’t stop. You are not alone. Life in college can sometimes seem to be a roller coaster. Between registering for classes, hanging out with friends, spending time with family, writing papers, studying, and trying to find time for yourself, college can be difficult if you are unsure on how to balance your schedule.

So what is the key? Try to Balance out your day. Remember to take each day at a time. Plan, plan, plan! Make some time for yourself either in the morning or in the evening. Really use this time to gather your thoughts and decompress from all of the activities spinning around you! Try different approaches to see what works best for you. Plan your day ahead, try making a schedule, color coding things that are important is a fun and easy way to prioritize those things you need to remember. If planners are not for you, then make a big calendar in your room somewhere on a wall where you will see it and won’t miss those important dates. Don’t forget to pencil in time for yourself! These steps may help balance out your day, so you can focus on what is really important and start living your life to the fullest!

downloadFinally, RELAX! Take a deep breath and let things go! It is okay to not always be available, it is okay to say no. Overdoing your schedule and overestimating your ability to complete tasks can lead you to burn out. Burn out  can take a great toll on your body and is recognized as a state of physical and emotional exhaustion. Burnout can occur when you have experienced long term stress. Burnout can also be expected when your efforts do not produce the results you have intended to. Here are some tips that may help indicate if your in burnout mode, and some tips to help you recover from burnout. Our lives are  too short, we try to take on too much,  and we are busy all of the time. Learn to let things go, tackle what you can, and feel good about it.

A well-balanced person has a far greater ability to focus their attention and energy on reaching their goals, being productive, and moving forward in life. So whether you have 12+ hours you are taking in school, or trying to juggle work and school, or get those extra hours of community service in, remember to take some downtime, prioritize what is important and let the rest of the stuff go! Decompress, turn it off! Disconnect for a weekend! I hear the excuses already, but try it, at least for one day or a few hours! Give your brain a rest!

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