The Power of an Open Mind


Being open-minded is the willingness to listen to and consider new experiences and ideas. These experiences are often brought upon us randomly, and we may not be able to see them. For example, there are many times where opportunities are given to us— an opportunity to accept an invitation, a job, an assignment, or a date. In many cases, something within may tell us no. We get uncomfortable thinking of going to the movies with that girl/guy and think, “that isn’t me.” We feel that our time will be wasted or that it fails to coincide with our beliefs or norms.

But imagine the possibilities of taking these chances— the “what ifs” that we seem to ask constantly in our minds. What if we DID take that job that we believed was “not for me”, or went on a date with the guy/girl that was “not my type.” If we receive these chances with an open-mind, we could find our passion, greater knowledge, and new, exciting relationships. When taking these chances, we are opening ourselves up to greater opportunities to not only be happier but to find ourselves as well.

Practicing open-mindedness is greatly beneficial for that reason. It is important to accept some challenges in life and to be exposed to different ideas that have not yet crossed our paths. These ideas will make us stronger in knowing that what we tried works (or doesn’t), and it will bring us tranquility with the acceptance of others. By choosing to listen and consider new ideas, we can become inspired instead of confused. The decisions we make will be made with confidence rather than doubt.

Being open-minded is a gift: the gift of acceptance in both yourself and others. The next time you are faced with an opportunity, think of why this chance was given, and if it will benefit you in any way. Even at the slightest, this opportunity is our doorway to explore possibilities. Take a chance and go forward instead of staying in your “comfort zone.” An open mind has the power to open up the world for greater experiences, people, ideas, and all that we may be seeking.

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