Whalecome Back!


Hauska tavata, Georgia Southern students! (That’s Finnish for “nice to meet you.”) My name is Wellie the Whale. I’d like to extend a huge ‘whalecome’ back to all of you ‘fintastic’ Georgia Southern students! My particular wish is that your summer ended leaving you feeling buoyant!

Here’s a little background information on me: I hail from Finland, and am here to champion for health and wellness at Georgia Southern! A couple of months ago, I broke away from my pod to come visit Georgia Southern – and I fell in love.

I understand the stresses of being a student, as I am currently enrolled in night school to learn English. I would ask for your patience as I learn the language and customs of this country. The Wellness Program seemed like a great place to learn about a wide variety of human practices.

Spot me around campus and at University Wellness Program events – the first one being Taste the Farmers’ Market on August 25th. I’d like to have more photos to show my family back home, so come take a ‘whelfie’ with me! I’ll also be surfacing near the Health Hut…I go there to learn about tips and tricks to stay healthy (and I don’t mind the freebies, either).

Look for the Be Well Do Well calendar to get an idea of where I will be floating around!

Kiitos (thank you) to you for reading this blog! See you around!
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