Self Love is the Best Love


Two weeks ago was Stomp Out Stigma (SOS) Week, a week full of stress-free activities such as therapy dog sessions and Worry-Free Wednesday and self-awareness programs like Check-Up from the Neck-Up (a national depression screening) and the Happy documentary showing. The main reason for SOS Week was to bring awareness to our Mental Health. So this week I leave you with self-love advice that one of our Wellness Ambassadors wrote that has also been featured in the George-Anne last week:

“Every one of us has people and things in our lives that we love, whether it’s our families, friends, significant others, pets, the list is infinite. While there can be several different ways to interpret the meaning of love, most will agree that it is an intense feeling of deep affection. Take some time to think about someone or something that you think you love more than anything else. Now, take time to think about if you love yourself just as much, if not more than whatever came to mind. Many young adults struggle with the idea of self-love and care for various reasons. Some may not want to be viewed by their peers and given titles such as “stuck-up” or “conceited”. Others may have endured experiences during their lifetime that have made them view themselves as “worthless” or “not good enough”. Self-love and care are important for our overall health and wellness. Taking time out of your day to focus on yourself will not only benefit you as an individual, but can also help you love and care for those around you THAT much more, even if you didn’t think that was possible.

If loving and caring for yourself more is something that appeals to you, here are some tips and ideas to help get you started:

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others. Doing so creates envy and doesn’t allow you to appreciate yourself and where you are in life.
  2. Don’t overthink it. If we had the answers to everything, there would be no need for adventures in life. Taking time to explore and let your journey run its course makes things fun!
  3. Give social media a break. We’re all guilty. Twitter and Facebook seem like the perfect outlets for venting and ranting after a tough day, but try writing these things down in a journal or diary instead.
  4. Exercise Regularly. Exercise can give you more energy and improve your physical wellness, which can in turn help you become more comfortable in your skin!
  5. Embrace your flaws. Your imperfections are what make you unique, and behind every imperfection, there is strength.

Although self-love starts with “me”, that is not where it ends. Think of it as the foundation of your fulfillment and happiness in life. Without it, other things you love and care for cannot thrive. Loving and caring for yourself first is the key to loving and caring for everything and everyone around you!”

Written by: Courtney Rorex

If you attended SOS Week Programs (or if you didn’t), let us know your thoughts! Did you enjoy it? Did you think something could have been done differently? Did you even know SOS Week was taking place? Your feedback is what makes our programs BETTER! Click here for the survey.

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