Be Aware If You Dare


Written By: Courtney Rorex

Besides freedom, harder classes, and the freshman 15, what are other common idea students have about college? Partying and alcohol.

A lot of partying does go on at college resulting in a lot of alcohol consumption. While it may be fun to drink, we need to keep in mind the risks and dangers of alcohol and how to enjoy drinking responsibly.

Alcohol does not equal a good time. Don’t feel like drinking is necessary just because friends or others do it. Make the decision that’s right for you, and if that means dancing the night away with a Sprite in hand, that’s perfectly okay!

And if you consider yourself a drinker, how many drinks can you handle before it’s too much? I’m sure a lot of us here at Southern are unaware of the size of a standard drink, but that’s definitely something we need to think about more often. The standard drink sizes of alcoholic beverages are 12 ounces of beer, which contains about 5% alcohol; 5 ounces of wine, which contains about 12% alcohol; and 1.5 ounces of liquor, which contains a whopping 40% alcohol.

With Halloween parties just around the corner, here are a few tips that can keep you safe and allow you to have a great time:

  1. Always be aware of your surroundings and with people you trust to look out for your best interest.
  2. Keep in mind that being drunk is NOT a way of giving consent. No means no and yes means yes.
  3. Always seek clear, explicit consent from someone before engaging in any sort of activities.
  4. Never leave your drink unattended, even in the bathroom—you wouldn’t want to later find that a little extra has been slipped in. If there’s no one to hold it for you, take it with you!
  5. If possible, pour your own drinks or watch who is pouring your drink so you know exactly what and how much alcohol you will be consuming. So yes, this means stay away from the huge bowl of punch sitting on the counter.
  6. Know your limit. Don’t feel like you have to go “shot for shot” with someone or play that next game of Flip Cup just to keep up.
  7. Don’t try to chug your drink. Take your time and drink a cup of water in between each drink.
  8. Most importantly, always make sure you and your friends have a DD. A designated driver helps you get home safely to party another day!

While college students and drinking will never go away, we are here to ensure you are well outside the classroom so you can do well inside the classroom. Be Well Do Well! Just remember: if you want to drink, be smart about it. College is a time to make memories, so make it a night to remember and wake up without regrets.

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