Stress Less for Success


What’s on the minds of Georgia Southern Eagles? Thanksgiving break– and it’s approaching fast! As the semester comes to a close, we cannot wait to take a break from the late nights at the library and all of the coffee shop stops. But what awaits after the overly desired and much-needed break? The same habits we had before except only to be intensified by the reality of the immediate forthcoming finals.

All the stress that we’ve been carefully avoiding will finally hit full-force, and our bodies will most likely suffer from lack of sleep, large amounts of caffeine, bad dieting, and emotional stress. Unfortunately these habits can lead to unexplained feelings of anger, anxiety, stomach aches, headaches, and difficulty concentrating. But don’t worry! Whether it’s anxiety with finishing the last paper of the semester, studying for finals, or finishing a project, there are ways that we can undoubtedly overcome our end-of-the semester hurdles. Check out these following tips to ensure a knock-out performance on the last few days of classes:

  • Create a schedule. Use a planner or calendar and write in exam and assignment due dates and times. This gives a better sense of what to focus on first to allow the mind to get a grasp on what needs to be done.  
  • Break it up. With accumulative tests and long assignments, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the information that has to be retained or gathered in a short amount of time. Instead of cramming everything in one sitting, take time to write down the sections that need to be looked over and decide on what to review/complete each day. Save the day before each exam to review and look over notes– not as a cramming day.  
  • Form a study group. Studying with others may expose new ideas or different learning techniques such as acronyms and patterns. It may also help in hearing topics out loud. Even if peers do not understand as well as you do, teaching others the information helps in retaining what was learned. Check out how to form an effective study group.
  • Sleep. This is completely underestimated. Sleep has many benefits, especially during finals week. It has the power to help improve learning and memorization, mood, judgement, and focus. During the last two weeks of classes, set a bedtime and plan to go electronics-free for an hour or two before that time– it will only be for a few days!
  • Eat healthy meals. Students usually shift their diet to eating junk food and coffee during the stressful weeks of classes, but both have the ability to negatively affect mood and energy levels. Instead, limit these food items and opt for drinking plenty of water and eating a well-balanced diet.
  • Get that heart pumping! Exercise at least thirty minutes a day. It has been proven that exercising will improve mood, increase focus and will aid in releasing stress.
  • Plan time for pleasure. Spending all hours of the day focusing on getting assignments done and retaining information for a big exam makes the brain exhausted to a point where it cannot concentrate any longer. Take breaks in-between tasks to spend time with friends, read a book, exercise, walk outside, play with your dog, or do anything else you may find enjoyable.

Not sure how to de-stress? On the last Wednesday of every month, the Wellness Ambassadors host Worry-Free Wednesdays (WFWs) to allow Georgia Southern Eagles to relax in between classes. Activities include everything from painting nails, coloring, and making stress balls, to hanging out with adorable therapy dogs, and a special activity that changes every month. There are two more WFWs this semester and the dates are November 18 and December 2 from 11AM to 1PM inside the Russell Union. You can also choose to visit the Georgia Southern Counseling Center’s website for more tips on stress management. Every eagle deserves a little down time in preparation for finals.
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