“Whale”come Back!

Hello, Eagles!

Welcome back to Georgia Southern for the Spring Semester! Now that we are back from the long break, where we may have spent a little too long binge-watching on Netflix, it’s time to focus on this new year ahead of us. Our goals are all mapped out, and our planners are filled with many events to make those goals happen– or so this should be the case.(if not, it’s not too late! Make time this week to plan out your year.) What will you make of it? Here at the Wellness Center, we are going to do great things in 2016 to make your year the best one yet!

To give you a quick recap, our program promotes 7 dimensions of wellness: Environmental, Physical, Spiritual, Occupational, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social. Over the semester we will have a ton of events going on to promote each one of the dimensions. Check out the flyer below for some opportunities that can have a positive impact on your year. You can also go to our website  to get more information on events we are hosting throughout the semester.

University Wellness Programs

In other news, what better way to kick-off the new semester than having a new Health Services building! Be sure to checkout the new location which is 984 Plant Drive. Hope everyone has a great first week back!

For more wellness program updates, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


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