Shattering the Stigma: an Intro to Kevin Breel

Kevin Breel

Kevin Breel isn’t much different than a lot of us here on Georgia Southern’s campus. He has always been popular amongst his peers, funny, and extremely confident, but during Kevin’s Ted Talk from 2013, he explains how he felt that he has always lived two lives. For 6 years of his life, Kevin suffered from depression. In his mind, there was something wrong with him, and the only way to solve his problems was to take his own life. Luckily, Kevin overcame his suicidal thoughts, and now at only 22 years old, he is using his experiences to help shatter the stigmas associated with depression.

At the age of 19, Kevin Breel presented in a Ted Talk about his struggle with depression. This video is now one of the top ten most watched Ted Talks on the website. Kevin reminds viewers and listeners how big of an issue depression truly is. Every 30 seconds, someone on this earth takes their own life due to depression. For a person who doesn’t suffer from depression, it can be easy to be judgemental and wonder why this person didn’t just ask for help.

According to Kevin, people who are depressed become numb to the feeling after an extended period of time. It isn’t depression that they fear anymore; they fear the stigmas and judgement inside of everyone around them. Their heads become so engulfed with the thoughts of others that their own thoughts don’t even seem to matter anymore. Kevin makes an excellent point of saying that in our society, it is acceptable for any part of our bodies to break down, except our brains.

It is crucial for us as a society, and as the Eagle Nation, to stand together and let those who are suffering from depression know that they are not alone. It is important to be less judgmental and keep in mind that everyone has a story, and it is impossible to know what someone may be going through. With the many resources out there to take advantage of, only a few people who are suffering from depression seek help.

Here on campus, our counseling center always has their ears and arms open if you or a close friend needs help . If finding a friend that you trust sounds more appealing, that’s also a great option.  

Kevin Breel will be making an appearance at GSU on Thursday, February 11 at 7pm in the Russell Union Ballroom. Join us while we learn ways to stand strong together and shatter the stigmas associated with depression.
In the words of Kevin Breel, “It’s not about building a world where we try to eliminate the ignorance of others, but building a world where we learn to accept ourselves. Embracing your light doesn’t mean ignoring your dark.”  

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