Surviving Summer Classes


The grass is green, the breeze is cool, and the sun is out, tickling our skin as it bronzes. Summer is just around the corner, and many have gone home to work or take a break, or have chosen to expand their experiences with internships and other opportunities. Yet some chose to be studious and get ahead, or catch up, on college courses. Taking summer classes is a smart way to quickly earn credits, and they may even be better with smaller classes and the abundance of class offerings. However, it is important to remember that summer classes are 15-week, full credit courses condensed into 4 weeks, but don’t panic! These four weeks can fly by with a resulting A in the course with dedication, proper time management, and other habits.

Stay on It!

  • By stay on it, we mean STAY ON IT! Summer class assignments are no joke— four or more chapters will have to be learned within a week; assignments, pop-quizzes, and exams will be given every other day; and assigned readings will be given each day. Make a to-do list of the class schedule, or insert important dates and set study times on your calendar, to make sure everything gets done and to make sure you are ready for those weekly— or daily— quizzes and exams!

Study Groups are Bae

  • Although you may be taking classes with people you have never met before, it would be smart to form a friendship with a few of them to have study sessions a few times a week. These sessions will help you with topics that may have not been understood completely, and they may help with attaining important topics that may have been missed during lecture.

Take Advantage of Office Hours— They Are Also Bae

  • If your professor has office hours, please go! Not only will you understand the material better, but the professor will remember you and will possibly give extra points for your dedication to the course!

Stay Healthy

Take Time to Relax

  • This ties along with staying healthy— make time for yourself to breathe and have a little fun instead of spending hours on end indoors— hang out at Sweetheart Circle, socialize with friends and family, go for walks or to the beach. It is beautiful outside, after all.

For those of you taking summer classes, what is your strategy to get through the few weeks of classes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Be Well, Do Well!  



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