Personal Development

Personal development background concept

What does Personal Development mean? If searched on the net, it is defined as the skills used to improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Being a college student, it is hard to keep a balance between putting in that extra hour or two of studying and taking a nap. Some days we feel like we’re adults, having a schedule that’s on-point and juggling a job while taking classes full-time,  but then some days we go back to feeling like we did in middle school and think to ourselves, with a pout on our face, “when is nap time?”

College is all about learning the balance and finding yourself, both personally and professionally. Because whether we are ready for it or not, at the end of our time here at Georgia Southern, we have to go be professionals in the REAL WORLD.

Below are some of the recommended ways for a young adult to develop personally and professionally.

  1. Go to class, listen, pay attention, and ask questions. In fact- most professors say that 90% of one’s grade will be from showing up and paying attention. There is no better time than now, and professors are there to help, so ask away!
  2. Take advantage of on-campus resources: professors, their office hours, tutoring, Career Services, the Academic Success Center, MyInvolvement, etc.The resources found here on campus are a great way to help prepare for the future.
  3. Stop the “inner critic”within and take a daily breather to appreciate life and everything you do. Our inner critics can be our worst enemies sometimes. We have to learn when to tell it to stop and say “no, we are good enough!”
  4. Choose friends that leave a positive impact in your life and get rid of the ones who don’t. We want to surround ourselves with people who inspire us to shoot for the stars!
  5. Stop “perfectionism” and start making healthy habits. Perfectionism causes more stress by setting an impossible goal to reach and can be self-destructive. Replace unreachable goals with realistic ones and work towards them without a lot of added stress.
  6. Handle mistakes positively, take criticism well, own up to mistakes, and stop making excuses-no one is perfect! We are all going to drop the ball sometimes, but we have to learn how to overcome slip-ups and grow from them.
  7. Find a mentor and network. Finding a mentor in college is a great way to find the right path for the future, and in finding a mentor, we can start networking. Having connections is a great way to help reach those goals. If someone can put in a good word, or reach out to someone for you, then you just put yourself on a higher level than the competition.
  8. Learn to speak publicly and properly. The way we present ourselves becomes everything. If we go in an interview and cannot speak correctly or clearly, these future employers are just going to turn their heads the other way. Speaking publicly is a major fear of many, but is very important in the real world.
  9. Be kind and do the right thing! Being kind and honest can go far with people. Leaving a lasting impressions is very important. Always do the right thing, even if the wrong thing just seems so much easier.
  10. Build your resume. Join organizations, volunteer, job shadow, or get a job in your field. The first thing future employers are going to look at is our resumes. College is the time to fluff them up and add everything we can.

Becoming a professional in the REAL WORLD is something that is slowly creeping up on us. Let’s work on it together!

If you have any questions or comments that you would like to add, comment in the section below.

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