Finding your Interests

College can feel a little overwhelmingly large sometimes and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. We don’t always come into college with our same friends from high school and it can be hard to make new friends when you get here. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to join groups of people with similar interests and to find your general interests. Georgia Southern hosts many fairs and events that offer students insight on what is going on around the community and on campus.



Don’t know what the little city of Statesboro holds? Look out for Boro Browse,  an event that allows local businesses and organizations the opportunity to advertise their business and offer students the option to apply for a job, on and off campus.


There are over 280 student organizations on campus, and what better way to explore these orgs than to attend the Student Organization fair?  This fair allows all the student organizations to set up a booth around the Union to advertise for their organization and gives students the opportunity to join.


Look at MyInvolvment if you are unable to attend a fair or would like to get an idea before hand. MyInvolvment is where students go to explore all the different student organizations that we have, as well as join them. It can be found right on your My.GeorgiaSouthern page and is very user friendly.


Go to Career Services and let them help you explore your interests. They have a system that they offer to students that will test your preferences and interests through an online test, that in turn, can help you find things on campus that fit within your interests. Career Services also puts on multiple different fairs that allow students to explore career options and to network with potential employers.


Participate in RUSH Week. If you have heard a lot about Greek life and think it sounds interesting, then attend RUSH. Even if you are unsure if Greek life is for you, still go through the process and test the waters. RUSH provides students with the opportunity to temporarily join the sorority/fraternity to really see what it is all about. It may be just what you think you’re missing.


Join an Intramural team. Georgia Southern University offers a TON of different intramural teams that participate in different sports all throughout the year. If you want to join a team, but can’t decide which sport you want to play, then do them both! Explore all your different intramural options and find your favorite sports!


Come participate in a group fitness class at the RAC. Georgia Southern offers a wide variety of  group fitness classes for you to enjoy whenever. If you are unsure which type of exercise you like the best, try them all and become part of the team. Most classes have their regulars that will become your little group fit family. And if exercise isn’t your cup of tea, try Southern Adventures or climbing the rock wall.


Volunteer for different organizations around the community. This could even help you decide on a major, if undecided. Putting yourself in the environment, in which could be you potential career, will really help you decide if it is something you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life.


Apply for jobs that pertain to your interest. If you really enjoy a certain class or group, see if there is an employment opportunity within that group, whether its with the Military, Greek life, group fit, a coffee shop, etc.. Every organization has to have someone to run it and work for them, so apply for a job or volunteer. It looks great on resumes too 😉

Really get out there and explore your interests. College is a time to find yourself and to set you up for your future career. Visit the Georgia Southern Campus Life page to see what different options that we offer.

Good Luck with your search and always remember, Be Well, Do Well.

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