How to Maximize Your Workout

Working out can be a challenge. According the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 80 percent of all Americans fail to meet exercising guidelines. Many are confused about where to begin, and those that are already putting in the effort may be struggling to stay motivated. It can be difficult to continue an exercise […]

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Express Yourself

Have you ever typed out a tweet on Twitter or a caption for an Instagram post, posted it, and then deleted it immediately after? Does it bring you anxiety thinking about what other people’s opinions of your post may be? What are your goals when posting on social media? Is it to share your passion with […]

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Finding Balance

Here at the University Wellness Program, we describe wellness as a journey, not a destination.  Contrary to popular belief, we will never be perfectly well and may pass through seasons where we focus more on certain aspects of our health than others.  Being healthy is not just about eating right and hitting the gym a […]

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