University Living: What to Bring for a Happier, Healthy Experience

University Living-

It’s mid-July, and summer is quickly passing by. In no time we’ll be back to our apartment or dorm in the Boro, ready for classes to begin. Most of us know what items to take with us to our new home away from home, but for incoming freshmen, it can be extremely overwhelming. New bed sheets, lamps, shelves, cookware, etc., etc. Although exciting, shopping for college essentials can get a little draining and can put a hole in our wallets. To make the process a little easier, we have compiled a few recommended necessities— and no-necessities— to look for when going on your shopping spree.

Bedroom Comfort

A good night’s sleep (and mini-naps) is a must in college, and if the bed isn’t covered in a comfortable mattress pad, it may be difficult to get our zzz’s. A cozy comforter, pillows, bed sheets and pillow shams are also a good idea to have, but if these items are already on-hand, there is no need to seek out new ones! Before purchasing bedding essentials, it would be a good idea to check what size bed to shop for. If living on-campus, here would be a great place to start.

Decorations are also a must take items like photos and posters that make you feel at home. Homesickness is very common, especially for incoming freshmen. So bring that cheesy stuffed animal and that silly photo of you and your siblings! You’ll regret not having them.

Kitchen & Cookware

Some apartment-style dorms have the benefit of a kitchen while others only have access to a community kitchen. If cooking is something that will be done often, it is important to think about what items are a MUST. That is, don’t invest in an expensive juicer or blender if it will only be used once. Ask yourself, “Do I really need it? Will I be using it often? Do I currently use this item a lot?” If “no” seems to be the answer to two or three of these, don’t give in to buying these items. They will only add to clutter in the kitchen.

A few noteworthy items to invest in, however, include a water filter pitcher (like a Pur or Brita), a reusable water bottle, lunch box/bag, and sturdy food storage containers for leftover foods and/or snacks. These items help save money in the long run by not having to spend on bottled water and/or wasteful plastic storage bags. Money-saving tip for the win!


For most students, parents aren’t near to take care of boo-boos or the sniffles. College is the beginning of the journey to adulthood, and so it is our responsibility to care for ourselves in situations where we normally turn to our parents to make us feel better. Be prepared by creating a personalized first-aid kit. Here are a few items that should be kept in mind:

        •Eye drops                                                          •Hot and Cold Packs
        •Over-the-counter pain medication         •Retainer/mouth guard
        •Rubbing alcohol                                              •Supplements (iron pills, etc.)
        •Throat drops/lozenges                                  •Throat spray
        •Upset stomach medication                          •Cuticle Scissors
        •Tweezers                                                            •Thermometer
        •Band-Aids                                                         •Neosporin
        •Wound Disinfectant                                       •Health Insurance Card
        •Allergy medicine                                             •Prescription medicine
        •Cold and Flu Medicine                                   •Cortisone Cream
Along with a first-aid kit, a comfortable book bag is recommended.Georgia Southern is a large-scale, small-feel university, with a big emphasis on large-scale. Walking from class to class in under fifteen minutes with a thirty-pound book bag can put a lot of strain on the back. Find the right fit for you with suggestions from
Here at Georgia Southern, the weather is almost unpredictable; the sun is out and the skies are blue one minute, and the next it is thundering and pouring. Don’t get stuck in the rain like many do within the first few weeks of classes. Invest in a decent pair of rain boots, a raincoat, and/or umbrella and keep a tab on the weather app.
The items listed above, of course, are not everything needed for the first years living away from home. Here is a great shopping list with suggested items:Off-to-College Checklist. Before purchasing other items like rugs, electronics, and  kitchen essentials such as silverware, coffee makers, and toasters, check in with the future roommates to make sure there are no duplicates. To prevent future conflicts, be sure there is an understanding as to what will be shared and what will not. Every person was raised differently and there will be roommates that disagree with sharing items, so don’t take it personally!
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Happy dorm shopping!

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