Express Yourself

Have you ever typed out a tweet on Twitter or a caption for an Instagram post, posted it, and then deleted it immediately after? Does it bring you anxiety thinking about what other people’s opinions of your post may be?

What are your goals when posting on social media? Is it to share your passion with other people who share the same interests? Is it to vent on social issues or to show a different perspective? It is important to remember that everyone’s opinions, outlook on life, and interests may not be the same, but they are all important and entitled.

People’s passions are all different. Some people like art, some love photography, some like music, some people love to talk, some like to bake, and some like to nap. Whatever your passion may be, you should feel free to express it however they want. Paint a picture and feel extra proud of it? Post a picture of it on your Instagram, tag a ton of other artists, and never hesitate when thinking about posting it.


Some useful tips to feel more confident in expressing yourself are listed below:

  1. Write down ALL of your thoughts and ideas. Expand on those things and really explore what they are. This will really help you develop your passions and find your true self.
  2. What makes you happy? Try to explore all things in life and ask yourself what makes you smile. Really dig deep and look for those things that bring you the most joy?
  3. Only aim to impress yourself. When you try to please everyone else, you loose your originality . Do it for you, and no one else!
  4. Stand for what you believe in and what your passion is. When there is passion behind your work, it will shine through. Whether that be through dance, art, baking, putting together a collage, or even reading.
  5. Learn that you cannot control the outcome, so as Elsa would say, “Let it go“. You cannot express your true self if you are worried about what someone else will think.
  6. Listen to your emotions. What makes you feel sad? Happy? What takes your breath away? Aim to capture those feelings while expressing yourself and you will really make an impact on the audience reading, observing, or critiquing your work!
  7. Don’t worry about critiques. In this day and time, everyone loves to share their opinion on everything. You will have people absolutely LOVE the things you share. But on the flip side of that, you will have people that do not necessarily agree with your work and passions. Which is perfectly FINE. You cannot force someone to see something through your eyes or to change their opinion. It is a wonderful thing to hear people’s point of view. A second perspective, different from your own, can only make you grow as an artist or expressive individual. Just never let it get you down. Focus on the positive!

Expressing yourself is something everyone should strive to do. In every aspect of life! If you ever question your work or don’t feel confident in it, just remember that you are only impressing yourself! Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.


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