The Wellness Ambassadors & On-Campus Resources

Hello Eagle Nation. Summer has come to an end, but that just means the fun is about to start. It’s time to get back in the swing of things and get on your normal schedule.

If you fell into a pretty normal schedule last year, challenge yourself to try new things and to add something completely different into your normal, everyday life. Try new restaurants, join an intramural team for a sport that you have never played, or even take a new walking/biking path to your classes. Spread your wings, meet new people, listen to new music, and try new food.

Some new places you can go visit around campus are the RAC, Southern Adventures, the Black Box Theatre, the Stadium, the Botanic Gardens, Sweetheart Circle and many more. There are a ton of places around campus that you can go and experience something you have never done. Whether that be attending a GSU football game in the prettiest little stadium in America, joining Southern Adventures in ropes courses, kayaking trips, or any of the other fun stuff they do there, or attending one of the plays that our fellow students put on in the Black Box Theatre. Visiting any of these amazing places around campus will never disappoint.

If you’re looking to try something new in a different kind of way, like committing more of your free time to your grades, here are some  Some resources around campus that students can use for buckling down on those grades and future plans are tutoring with the academic success center, office hours with your professors, career services, the writing success center, the math lab, and many other tutoring services. Another helpful way that you can stay on top of your grades is joining a student organization. Some student organization have a GPA Requirement that force you to stay on top of your game!

Speaking of student organizations… There are a TON!!! If you feel a little overwhelmed over the amount of student organizations and do not really know what you are interested in joining, The Wellness Ambassadors is a great organization to join. Not only do you get to act as a “go-to” person and peer educator for anyone on campus in need, but you get to v volunteer first hand with a lot of the major events going on around campus. So if you want to “get your feet wet” in a lot of different things around campus and really explore your interests, then Wellness Ambassadors might just be the student organization for YOU. Certified Peer Educator Training? CHECK. Attending amazing conferences? CHECK. Cute T-shirts? CHECK. Become a member of a close knit family that will help you balance your life while in college? CHECK. This organization is something you don’t want to miss out on.


Was last semester one of those, “I don’t think the college life chose me” semesters? Where you chose college, and colleged as hard as you could, but it just kept knocking you down test after test? Did the pool always win in the battle of going to class or going to catch some rays? Or did a nap always win over that last minute review session your professor offered? If this sounds very familiar, you’re in luck, because it’s a new year. Which means you can focus extra hard and study more for your classes this semester. We have plenty of resources around campus that can prepare you for you classes, offer tutoring, or even guidance for your future. Office hours that your professors offer are very important in staying on top of your studies. Outside of help that your professors can offer, we have the Academic Success Center that offers tutoring services in every subject and is always available by appointment. We also have Career Services that can sit down with you to map out your goals and help you figure out how to reach your dreams and dream job. Does anyone else struggle with writing long papers for class like I do? Luckily we have a writing center here on campus that can help us write and edit our papers. And the best part about all of these resources here on campus are that they are FREE!

Let’s make this the best year ever by having more fun and by making the best grades we ever have! Like or comment below if there are any fun organizations or helpful resources that I missed and that could be useful to someone else. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on events around campus.









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