The Power of the Mind

 standup.jpgWhat is mental health, and why is it important?

Being mentally well not only ensures more confidence, but it also improves our relationships and allows us to better cope with different issues we may face in college. It is important to understand that our mental health affects us in a variety of ways. Mental health affects us psychologically, emotionally, and socially.  There is a stigma that the mentally ill person is a recluse. Someone who you can obviously tell is not well, but that isn’t true. Mental health issues are not always obvious and can affect those who are closest to us without them showing any signs or symptoms.

The number of college students who struggle with mental health is growing, and mental health issues are something many, if not all, students will face during their time at Georgia Southern. As college students, our mental health is challenged every day, whether it be the dreaded deadlines, or the annoying drama we may have to deal with in our social and personal lives.

There are situations we go through every day that can stress us out and make us feel angry or depressed, and that’s okay. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and worried because we have so many resources to help us. They can not only help us navigate these situations, but also help us to conquer them and become the best versions of ourselves. We have to carve out some “me” time in our day to relax, calm down, and cope with the issues we may be facing. For some of us that may be meditating, but for others that may be listening to music or exercising. Personally, I cope by listening to music and taking walks around campus to clear my thoughts. There isn’t one specific coping method that will work for everyone, however it’s important for us to find one that will cater our own specific needs.

If we don’t take our mental health seriously, these challenges can lead to more serious things like depression, anxiety, or even suicide. Half of college students today report having poor mental health, and 25% of college students report having suicidal thoughts or feelings. Unfortunately, 40% of college students never seek help.

The Georgia Southern Counseling center provides personal and group therapy sessions, as well as emotional wisdom classes to help us get through the many rigors of college life. Georgia Southern offers so many ways to ease your mind and improve your Mental Health.

Exercise is also a fantastic way to alleviate stress and anxiety. The Recreational Activity Center offers some great fitness classes, like yoga , to give you peace of mind, soothe your spirit, and give you the energy to conquer your day. Remember, it’s okay if we are struggling with college.

It doesn’t make us weird or weak to acknowledge that we may need help. The journey to a state of wellness is lifelong. No one has it all together, and we all have our problems. The important thing is that we continue to strive to live fulfilling and healthy lives. And remember, health isn’t just the absence of disease, but the presence of wellness.

Be well! Do well!

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