Going Head to Head with Competition

Image result for georgia southern footballWe live in a world that revolves around competition. As children we compete in sports, to grow up to compete in school with grades, to compete with other students getting into the best colleges(Georgia southern), to compete with other students grades again, to finally compete for jobs! Clearly competition is important, but is it good or bad, and what are the effects of competition?

Firstly, Merriam Webster defines Competition(1): the act or process of trying to get or win something (such as a prize or a higher level of success) that someone else is also trying to get or win

Here in America I have heard mostly one thing, second is just the first loser. We have an elite drive to think that winning is all that matters in the grand scheme of things. Winning is all that matters, and losing is for losers. This is not entirely true, but it’s a widely accepted way of thinking.

There are many positives to competition, such as: winning rewards give incentive to get better, when training or practicing competitors learn discipline and patience, and team sports can facilitate a sense of family among athletes. Players are also rewarded in that they get to sometimes travel and experience new horizons that broaden their view on the world and different places.

Some negatives surrounding competition are: harshness or bitterness towards rivals can be cruel or unfriendly, dealing with defeat, and intentional unsportsmanlike conduct.

Sometimes fans can get too upset or emotional during a game and act inappropriately towards the other team or their fans. They may speak negatively or rudely towards them, or throw things, and that is not acceptable. Even during the smaller events such as intramural sports, at the rac, players and onlookers get heated over a game that is meant to be fun. There is no need to lose your cool on other people at any time.

Competition is meant to test people, and put them against each other, but when you are only focused on winning all the time and disregard yours or others well-being, you will always lose. It’s important to understand the process of growth, learning from your mistakes, and getting better as a player and as a person. Sometimes we lose focus on the bigger picture and are hyper critical on ourselves. It is okay to assess your skill levels, and be honest about where you are at, but your current state of play isn’t all that matters. Competing is about growing and getting better at the game, and when it’s all over, you can look back and realise that you have accomplished something great!

On a brighter note, sports and competitions ultimately bring people together. When people come together and compete, there will always be a greater sense of community between the people on the field, in the stands, or at home huddled around the television. So whether you are playing or watching, remember to enjoy the competition!


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