Gratitude is the Best Attitude

tyWhen was the last time we told someone thank you? How often do we go through life and forget to show appreciation to our friends and loved ones? Sometimes, we believe gratitude and simply saying “thank you” isn’t that important, but its impact and effect on others cannot be ignored. Not only does it make others feel better, but it’s actually good for us! Being grateful is such an easy way to reduce stress and improve ourselves both mentally and physically.

Gratitude is one of the best things you can do for your psychological health.  Gratitude has been proven to rid the mind of a multitude of negative emotions, as well as increase happiness and decrease depression.  This increase in happiness also makes us more hopeful, and, personally speaking, with finals coming up I’ll need all the hope I can get. Being constantly mindful of the positive things in life can keep us from becoming bogged down with stress and getting burnt out with school. The 21-day gratitude challenge is great for any of us who struggle with gratitude. It’s easy to follow and a great way to challenge yourself to be more grateful!

Gratitude is also good for our physical wellbeing. Gratitude has been proven to reduce stress, which positively impacts the body in a number of ways. Stress releases hormones in the body that weaken the immune system, causes our muscles to tense, and keep us awake. However, those who keep a gratitude journal report better sleeping habits, a stronger immune system, and a reduced dietary fat intake of up to 25 percent. So, not only can gratitude make us feel better, but the reduced stress can also help us shed those extra Thanksgiving pounds!

If we take the time to acknowledge our blessings instead of our problems, gratitude has the power to keep us upbeat and motivated to be the very best versions of ourselves. If nothing else, we can all be grateful for the opportunity we have to receive a college education, because this is luxury that everyone cannot afford. Being appreciative keeps us humble by making us acknowledge those around us, and it gives us a healthier and positive frame of mind. So, for this Thanksgiving take care of your own health by being appreciative of someone else. Not only with they appreciate it, but your body will too! Be well, eat well!

Be well! Do well!

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