Hello Eagle Nation and Whalecome back from Wellie the Whale. My holiday break was a blast and I hope yours was too. I visited family back in Finland and we whaled around the city. We visited the Seaside amusement park and I was able to catch up on all the Netflix time I lost during finals week. The tides have changed and now I’m back in Statesboro preparing to dive into a new year of accomplishing goals and swimming farther than I ever have before. New year, New me!


If you have ever wondered how far a whale can swim, you have come to the right place. The answer to this question is as far as it can. A whale’s happiness is found while it is swimming from place to place, exploring and learning new things. Like trees, whales continue to swim and grow until they reach where they were meant to be. A tree does not grow only half way, or us whales don’t just stop swimming one day because we think we swam too far. The sky is limitless and we don’t know where our potential stops. Striving to be the best whale I can be is my New Year’s Resolution and it should be yours too!  

It’s that time of year again where we evaluate our lifestyle and begin to map out our goals we want to accomplish in the next year. Whether that be to finish this semester with all A’s, land your dream internship for the summer or get that bikini body for spring break. As you rethink your goals for the new year remember to include short term and long term goals. If you get all A’s, what do you want your GPA to be after your next two semesters? Why only have a spring break body for just a few months? Set goals, plan meals, and allow time to be physically active throughout your day. As your planning events to meet your goals for the new year don’t forget to check out the great things the Wellness crew has whipped together to help meet those goals to improve your health. I whale be stopping by many of the Wellness Events this year, because I know they will be Fintastic! 

Some of our upcoming events that you should look out for are the Health Hut on January 18th and Worry Free Wednesday on January 25th. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more updates on upcoming events.


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