Balance Yourself



In the fast pace world we live in today there isn’t time to take a break because every minute wasted, is another dollar lost. The world runs off of capitalism where people are constantly worrying about money. Some wonder if they will be able to pay rent for the next month while a young boy worries if he will have enough money he made from chores to pay for a toy. This concept starts at a young age. We are always trying to do more than needed. Some people work more than just an 8 hour day in the office, so when they leave their mind is still trying to answer questions that are unknown. In college there are stressors such as deadlines, jobs, and obligations for other campus organizations. College students are constantly trying to do as much as possible to improve their resumes and sometimes taking on too much responsibility to do so. Sometimes, as a college student it is difficult to feel like you are in control when you have to take a breather from the work load that college demands.


Having a healthy balance can relieve some stressors and improve our overall health. Relieving stress can seem difficult to do as a college student, but if we plan to do things that we enjoy, such as playing a sport or taking a walk around campus, it can be accomplished. Balance comes in many different forms. Some choose to achieve balance by adding meditation or going to yoga classes on a regular basis. Others feel the need to make their work lifestyle more flexible. It doesn’t have to be limited to physical activity. Drawing, painting or writing in a journal can be just as satisfying. Staying healthy is about being socially, physically, environmentally, emotionally, occupationally, spiritually and intellectually well. Balancing these dimensions of health will lead to a longer and healthy life. Either way finding time for yourself is important. We all need a little down time to find relief from what life sometimes throws at us.


Improving balance will make you feel more empowered and it will give a sense of calmness. Tasks will seem to be more manageable and will be done more effectively. Balance in life will make you more confident and you will be more likely to say no to some tasks rather doing them all. Setting boundaries and goals will guide you to achieving balance. Having boundaries between your social, personal and professional life will be fulfilling. You’ll be more present in each moment of your life and will appreciate the time you have to yourself.  

Be well! Do well!

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