Confessions of a University Wellness Ambassador


During my first weeks at Georgia Southern University, I met the University Wellness Ambassadors when they visited my Healthful Living class. Being a Public Health student, I knew that I had to get involved with this organization to gain experience. I was unaware that I would gain such a large amount of personal knowledge that could be applied to my own health goals. Here are a few of my confessions after being a University Wellness Ambassador while at Georgia Southern University.

Personal wellness is on a spectrum!


Everyone experiences and perceives wellness differently. We are all on our own wellness journey, and we should not pass judgement onto people based on where they are. We should uplift them. This can easily be accomplished with words of encouragement or a hug.

Most of the time, you know the answer.


When it comes to health, we have been lectured about reducing health risks on numerous topics. For the most part, we all know the answer. It just takes courage and determination to have positive health behaviors. Maintaining an optimistic attitude and saying personal words of encouragement to yourself in the mirror can keep you on track.

Sometimes, behavior change can be hard!


With that being said, changing your health behavior is hard. Your body naturally does not want to change. Your body enjoys what works; even if what works can damage your body. Your mind and body work to stay consistent whether this be with diet or exercise patterns. Break the cycle and begin a better you today!

It is okay to ask for help.


If you are struggling with your personal wellness, ask for help! Georgia Southern has many resources that can help you. Within the University Wellness Ambassadors, several of our members are Certified Peer Educators. We would love to help you with any struggle if you are willing to share. Also, we can refer you to one of the many resources Georgia Southern University has to offer.

Worry-Free Wednesdays



We are publicly available many times during the semester. If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression, we would love to teach you coping strategies at our Worry-Free Wednesday events! These events are held on the last Wednesday of each month in the Russell Union Commons from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. At these events, we practice stress reduction techniques and connect students with the university resources that they may need.


Hope you all enjoyed my blog and consider joining the Wellness Ambassadors!

Thanks, Steven Waldrop

For more information about upcoming events with the University Wellness Program, follow us on Twitter or Facebook!



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