Your Future Depends on Your Sleep, Go to Bed!

Have bags and dark circles under your eyes? Tired of drinking caffeine and still feeling sleepy? Cutting back on long nights out and getting more sleep can do the trick! Sleep is good for the body physically and mentally. There are so many benefits to getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. It can improve memory, creativity, performance, grades, and attention. Getting enough sleep will also make you less moody and more enjoyable to be around.

Many of us often fail to fully understand the importance of sleep. Sleep is a major physical aspect of our daily lives and needs to be considered as a vital part of our health. Lack of sleep can cause weight gain and make our skin age faster (and nobody wants that!). Without sleep, the body can’t function properly and going too long without it can lead to more health complications such as heart disease, obesity and depression. Getting the right amount of sleep can lower your stress levels and make you feel better through the day and help decrease the chances of having complications later in age. It also affects how alert you are during the day. Being sleep-deprived causes hallucinations and makes it difficult for the brain to receive information, which may result in issues with memory and learning capabilities. Therefore, it will affect your productivity in school, work and other social parts of your life.  



How do I know if I’m sleep deprived? There are many signs of sleep deprivation. Feeling hungry isn’t because your body actually needs food. It’s really because you failed to get enough sleep last night. You may think you are a klutz, but in reality you’re probably just not getting enough zzzzz at night. Due to the lack of sleep, your mind can’t focus on the task at hand. For example, I am sure that almost everyone has experienced a time where they have fallen up or down the stairs. The body processes a lot while walking up and down stairs and having little to no sleep makes it more difficult causing you to miss a step. Imagine trying to multitask throughout the day rather it be work or school. Sleep plays a key role in our daily lives and causes a domino effect when we don’t have it.

What can I do about it? There are several strategies to improve our sleeping habits. Staying up late or pulling all nighters is not the best way to approach an exam. When we don’t get enough sleep before taking an exam your mind wanders more and can’t recall the information you’ve been studying, so make a schedule to make time to study throughout the day. Stay on a sleeping schedule because going to bed and getting up at the same time every day will keep your body in rhythm. If going to bed at a decent time isn’t the problem and you suffer from trying to go to sleep try using blackout curtains to make the room darker and put your cell phone across the room where it won’t distract you. You shouldn’t look at any screen at least an hour before bed because the blue light that is emitted from the screen stimulates the mind far past when we put down the phone or turn off the TV.  Before going to bed you can try doing things that will relax you such as taking a warm shower, reading or meditation. Getting sleep is the key to being SUCCESSFUL!


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