Good Nutrition is Our Mission

Every year, National Nutrition Month falls in March, and we at Wellness are excited to announce that for the first time ever, we will be joining in the celebration! The Wellness Ambassadors have been working hard to create a Nutrition Fair just for YOU! Join us March 22nd, from 11 AM- 2 PM in the Russell Union Commons for free healthy food samples, interactive games, and a chance to win a free smoothie blender!


The theme for National Nutrition Month this year is “Put Your Best Fork Forward” which reminds us that everything we put in our bodies matters. Eating healthy foods and proper portions is crucial to maintaining great physical health. The habits we create in college are the habits that will be continued after graduation. The earlier we start our journey towards a healthier life, the easier it becomes to maintain. Furthermore, eating healthy reduces our risk of developing chronic diseases, makes us feel better and contributes positively to our overall  health!


As a college student myself, I know the struggle of eating healthy. Our days are filled with classes, work, student organization meetings, sleep (maybe), and homework.  Let’s be real. Breakfast is usually skipped and sometimes there just isn’t enough time for lunch either. There is too much going on in the day, and the last thing we think about is eating healthy and cooking food. In the end, it ends up being easier to grab food on the go, which isn’t always going to be the most nutritious.


With these common college struggles in mind, we came up with fun interactive booths for the Nutrition Fair. These booths will help educate about the small steps we can take to eat better and feel better. Booth themes include messages such as body positivity, vegan and vegetarian tips, proper portion food sizing, meal prep tips, tips for eating healthy in college, and even tips from a Nutritionist! We know that no one diet works for everyone. So, we created booths that are inclusive to all types of diets and lifestyles. There will be something for everyone!

nut fair

The University Wellness Program and Health Services host many other programs such as the Campus Farmer’s Market that can help students find fresh produce and eat healthier. The Campus Farmer’s Market is every Thursday, March 23 until April 27th from 4PM to 6:30PM. This is the chance to buy locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables on campus. These programs are put on with us in mind, to encourage healthier eating habits and ways of life. Join us at our next event! And as always, be well, do well!

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