Everything is NOT Created Equal?

Hello readers, my name is Sherrel and I am going to discuss gender inequity. Unfortunately, yes in 2017, the answer to this question… is gender inequity still a thing? YES. Now, I know you’ve heard it before, so this isn’t a lecture. Instead, I want to state some facts. Take a moment, or five, to think about what you’re reading in order to form your own opinion. All opinion’s matter and all opinion’s are OK.


Gender Roles

Society is slowly (very slowly) finding that women have more talents to be used outside of the kitchen, home and our families. Women are as capable to do any job as well as a man. It’s possible, as many other things are, for a woman to even do a better job than a man.  Historically, society has taught us women are to be more submissive and reserved. If a woman has the attitude and ambition of a man this is considered “too aggressive” or “not womanly”? Why is that?


Men are the Breadwinners

NOT NECESSARILY! Men still feel inferior if their woman makes more money than he does. Why? Because society taught them to feel inferior. Historically, society has taught us men are supposed to financially provide for their families. Well, yes, men are supposed to provide for their families, because it is a responsibility, but that doesn’t mean they are supposed to do it alone. It took two people to make a family, so it should take two people to provide and raise a family. Women are more than capable to provide just as much for their families as men are. Let’s take Tom Brady, Lamar Odom (though now divorced) or Andy Roddick for example. All of these men have at least one thing in common; they earn or earned less money than their female counterpart. But, how much respect have they lost?

Women in the Workplace

Here are some statistics here for to think about…

In 2010, women represented 79% of healthcare jobs, 43% of scientific and technical jobs, and only 9% of construction jobs. Also, in 2009 only 24% of CEOs in the US were women and they only earned 75% of what their male counterparts made.

Simmer on that for a minute or three… (DOL 2011).


Pregnant Women in the Workplace

As if pregnancy isn’t enough of a burden, historically, it has been hard for pregnant women to find a job and sometimes keep the job they already have. Employers look at a pregnant woman as a burden to their company. How much time will she need to take off? Will her motherly responsibilities get in the way of her work responsibilities? Will she be emotionally stable in the workplace? What accommodations will we have to make for her? Am I mistaken that there are two people expecting the child? Is the man not expecting his child, though I understand he isn’t physically.

Freedom of Sexual Expression

I think it is safe to say that women do not have the same sexual freedoms that men have. If a guy has multiple partners he’s considered “THE MAN”, but if a woman has multiple partners she is considered a slut. Why is it okay for guys to express themselves sexually, but not for women? Why has society taught women to feel ashamed to purchase condoms? Why is the first thing that is asked about a female rape victim “what was she wearing”? Why do her clothes matter? Why does the responsibility of the attacker get shifted to the victim? Why can’t women freely discuss their sexual desires or lack thereof, comfortably? I could talk about this forever but to keep it short I encourage you to google the purpose behind Amber Rose’s SLUT WALK

If you are bothered by any human being marginalized, or if you desire to raise awareness and encourage communication about gender relations and sexual violence, I have an event for you…..Walk a Mile in Her Shoes ®. The event will be held March 30th, 2017 at 5pm at the Russell Union Rotunda (check-in or walk-up registration starts at 3:30pm). Everyone that is able (including all genders) are encouraged to walk a mile in red high heels to raise awareness. Come participate in this lighthearted and fun event while supporting a great cause. All proceeds will be donated to our Statesboro Regional Sexual Assault Center.


Thanks for reading! Follow us, the University Wellness Program, on Twitter and Facebook for your wellness news!





DOL 2011. “Women’s Employment During the Recovery”, Washington, D.C.



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