What Kind of Career Do You Want?

It’s college. Supposedly, we know what we want our careers to be… but what if we don’t?

Well, it certainly wouldn’t make any of us abnormal. 20-50% of college students start college as an undeclared major and almost 75% change their major at least once in their college career (source), so there’s certainly no shame in being unsure about your career.

We have to make the decision eventually, but how do we make it?

The Equation

This article suggest the formula G+P+V = C. That is, Gifts + Passions + Values = Career. What strengths do you have? What are issues that you care about/problems you’d like to solve? What are your values – do you value family? Adventure? Family? Mixing all of these might put you on the right path. Of course, this equation may not give you an exact job title or major, but it can provide a way to filter different job titles.

However, sometimes people feel like the jobs that perfectly fit those three categories aren’t realistic. Amita Patel urges people to not give up on the ideal and to visualize what a ‘too good to be true’ life would look like. What seems idealistic may not seem realistic, but Amita advises us to discover what you truly want and simply sit with it‘ rather than only thinking about our dreams as impossible. To read more of Amita’s article, click here.

Finding The Right Fit

So, now that we have a rough idea of what we want to do, how do we find a major/job that fits it? There are bunches of online quizzes that make job recommendations based on personality type, skill sets, and other personal preferences. All of these can present handy suggestions or help us realize what we don’t wanna do.

First off, the Myers Briggs test is a widely-know personality test that will present a general description of what your personality type is like and also a description of what kind of careers might go well with your personality type. You can take the quiz here in about 5-10 minutes. Once you’ve found out your personality type, just go to section ‘6’ to the career description.

Second, Sokanu tests your skills based on how well you perform in some brain games. Sokanu then mixes that with your work history, your ideal workplace, and your personality type to find a career that might be suitable to you.

Third, Career Services also offers a 2-credit hour class dedicated solely to exploration of careers and professional self-discovery – click the link to find out more!

Lastly, you can take this silly BuzzFeed quiz for completely inaccurate, but fun results.

Occupational Wellness

Your occupation is one of the many factors that influence our wellness. It can encompass anything you do as an occupation – whether that occupation is being a student, a part-timer, or a full-time employee – but it’s particularly important to keep in mind when thinking of a long-term career. The following is a list of things you should be able to experience while experiencing occupational wellness.

  • Grow professionally
  • Be challenged, inspired, and successful.
  • Garner satisfaction/enrichment from your career and the people it connects you with
  • Contribute positively, productively and safely to a collective whole
  • Balance work and leisure
  • Work with your personal learning style

We hope that everyone is able to live all the dreams and achieve all the goals possible. We’ll never stop believing in you!

– University Wellness



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