Safe Celebration: A Guide To Fireworks

Hooray! The holiday filled with grilled foods and twinkling lights has arrived!


graphics-fireworks-158568 Happy 4th of July, Eaglesgraphics-fireworks-158568


We’re here to share the basics of firework safety, Georgia firework laws, and (if you’re not planning to host your own show), finding a show near you! We hope that you take these into guidelines into mind so, y’know, your 4th doesn’t blow. Anyway… into the tips.

GA Firework Laws

What kind of fireworks? Recently, the types of fireworks allowed in Georgia have changed a good bit. Look here for a list of fireworks that are legal to purchase in Georgia (note that M-80s and halfsticks are not among these). However, knowing what to purchase isn’t the only important aspect of Georgia firework legality. There’s also the who and the when.

Who can purchase fireworks in Georgia? Anyone over 18 with an ID.

When can fireworks be lit? Until midnight on July 4th.

Extra notes: It’s illegal to light fireworks within 100 yards of hospitals, nursing homes,  prisons, gas stations/refineries, and nuclear plants.

Firework Safety

  1. Start with the basics: read and follow all directions that come with your fireworks.
  2. Light fireworks in a clear area: keep your fireworks away from cars, buildings, and (if your fireworks will shoot up high) trees.
  3. Only have sober adults light fire works (in other words, don’t light while lit)
  4. Don’t hang around a firework once it’s been lit. As soon as the fuse starts burning, quickly move to a safe viewing location.
  5. If your firework is a dud, don’t approach it or try to relight it. Wait 20 minutes and then douse it with water. Use the same procedure post-show for all fireworks (including ones that went off successfully)
  6. Only light one firework at a time.
  7. Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose nearby in case you need it.
  8. Bonus: Pet Safety! Keep in mind that pets generally have ears that are much more sound-sensitive than humans. Be considerate and don’t bring your pets to displays!



For more info on safety, visit this website.

Finding a Show Near You

If you’re not interested in firing off your own fireworks, check out the Statesboro Firecracker Fest at Mill Creek Park!


Thank you guys for reading! We hope you all have a very fantastic, festive fourth!

– University Wellness


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