Fad Diets are Bad Diets

What is a Fad Diet?

A fad diet is a diet that idealizes rapid weight loss through what is usually and unhealthy and unbalanced diet, targeted at people who want to lose substantial amounts of weight in a small time-frame. Most fad diets claim that you are losing fat, but in reality, water weight (or even muscle) is lost. Once the fad diet is stopped, the dieter tends to gain weight back from rebuilding of protein stores and the body begins to store water again, which leads to weight gain and a cycle of yo-yo dieting that may lead a person into a physically and mentally unhealthy cycle of unsuccessful fad diet after unsuccessful fad diet. In other words, fad diets are a good way to lose weight. Weight loss is a journey, that occurs over time – about 250-500 calories per day to safely lose ½ lb to 1 pound per week. Gradual changes in habits (versus sudden, extreme ones) produces safe, healthy, long-term weight loss.

Signs of  a Fad Diet

-Promises rapid weight loss (>1 pound/week)

-Contains miracle foods-Very restrictive in what you can/cannot eat and what times of the day you can eat.

-Tells you to eat food in a certain combination or order

-Encourages you to buy certain supplements and/or powders for diet efficacy

– Missing a health warning (this is especially important for those with insulin-dependent diabetes)

-Advertises “ physical activity not needed” (as discussed, physical activity is an integral component of a diet/weight-loss plan)
Popular fad diets to be wary of include: detox/juicing, low-carbohydrate/high-protein,gluten-free, and paleo diets


In Conclusion

In summary, Eagles, fad diets are bad diets. All of our bodies deserve to be treated with care. Our bodies are our homes; we’ll never get a different body so wee need to love and respect the ones we have. By all means, make whatever adjustments to your diet that will help your body be healthier, but do it for your body in a way that helps your body. You don’t need to go on a crash diet to look ‘good’ for a specific event or person or anything else. You’re already stunning and your body’s a miracle. If weight loss is necessary for you health (as told to you by a medical professional), go for it, but do it healthily and for your health.

If you struggle with disordered eating, don’t be afraid to make an appointment with the counseling center – they’re there for you!

Be well, do well!

– University Wellness Program



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