8 Ways to Beat Finals Stress

Christmas break joyfully gleams in the near future, but, first, there are a multitude of finals and last-minute assignments in between you and this cheerful period of relaxation. How can you make it past finals week and all its gloom without losing your mind? Here’s the answer…


No joke! Let out your creative side to let out some stress. Focusing on creative activities can disengage our brains from hectic thoughts and overwhelming worries and put them in a more positive state. So, here are 8 ways that you can get creative during study breaks or during other parts of your day.

Coloring. You don’t have to be an top-level artist to enjoy coloring in nice images. We have a couple sources that you can check out for more detailed designs, more simple designs, and some festive designs, too. You can even show some school spirit and color in this official Georgia Southern coloring page. These are great to just stick in your backpack with a couple of colors and bring out in between classes or finals.

You can color little doodles like this in between classes!

If you’re looking to help the environment by reducing your paper use, you can try this app to color.

Thought-clouding. Journaling is great and I totally recommend it, but sometimes it can be more attention-demanding than we have time for. However, that doesn’t mean that we should go without the soothing effects of writing everything out. Thought-clouding is something that you can do at the start of your day to just get everything out; write down what you have to do, how you feel about the things you have to do, feelings you’re having, ideas you’ve thought of – anything that’s on your mind! No organization or detailing required – just get it onto paper!

Visions boards and collages. If you’re losing motivation, try refocusing by making a vision board that carries the vibes of your goals. Even if you’re not looking to be that specific, you can still make a good ol’ collage for your favorite artists, TV shows, etc.

Draw and write comics. Art does not have to be ‘good’ to be therapeutic. Just do it! If you have a certain thought or feeling, try making a comic out of it. Stick characters are absolutely OK if it makes you feel better.


Get dressed up. Now, we’re not saying anyone needs to wear makeup or specific clothing (’cause that would be total bull), but if playing around with different colors/techniques/looks/etc makes you feel creative and happy, don’t forgo it during finals week! Making your body into a wonderful piece of art that’s completely of your choice can be very relaxing and freeing! Use that creative to calm yourself a little bit each time you get ready!

Music. Make it, study to it, dance to it (or clean to it, if you’re not a dancer). Music is really influential on our brains (source), so take advantage of it. You can choose music that soothes you, music that pumps you up, or music that makes you smile – it’ll all help. If you’re not sure what you want to listen to, check out Spotify! They have a lot of great categories for different moods and activities.

Writing. You can write fiction, poetry, or journal. Any way you do it, writing is a great way to empty our minds of worries.

photo credit to The Minnevore

Make an inspiration box. This is a quick, fun DIY. Print out or write out any quotes/goals/memories that inspire you, motivate you, or make you smile. Then, put them in a box or jar and pull one out whenever you need a boost.

Alright, Eagles! We hoped this helped!

Have a great break!

– The Wellness Ambassadors


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