The Answer is Clear

Hey, my name’s Sebastian and welcome to my blog. This blog is all about making sure that we all drink plenty of fluids. To start off, we’ll go through some of the perks of drinking water. Keeps your temperature normal Lubricates and cushions joints Protects your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues Gets rid of […]

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“Whale”abrating the End of the Year!

As we are studying profusely for our finals this week, the University Wellness Program is reminiscing on the efforts and accomplishments of the Wellness Programs put on just for our Eagle Nation. These programs include: Worry-Free Wednesday, Stomp Out Stigma Week, Don’t Be That Guy/Girl (DBTG) Week, the Campus Farmers Market, Wellness Week, Sexual Assault […]

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Be Safe this Spring Break

Ahh, spring break is finally approaching and you get to take a much needed vacation from classes and boring Statesboro.  All the sweat and tears from spring break boot-camp class has paid off as you get to strut your stuff on the white sandy beaches.  If you have booked your trip, all that’s left to […]

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Be Aware of Alcohol

Calling all EAGLES! Wellness here– to have you think twice before you drink that fourth or fifth serving of alcohol. Did you know that on average, students spend more money on alcohol than they do on textbooks? Crazy! Now most of you are probably thinking that we are going to hone you for drinking and […]

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Be Aware If You Dare

Written By: Courtney Rorex Besides freedom, harder classes, and the freshman 15, what are other common idea students have about college? Partying and alcohol. A lot of partying does go on at college resulting in a lot of alcohol consumption. While it may be fun to drink, we need to keep in mind the risks […]

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Don’t Be That Guy/Girl Week

Have you ever been to a party where there was that one guy or girl that was so intoxicated they could not walk, talk or was just plain belligerent? We all may have a story similar and no one wants to end up being “that” guy or “that” girl. The good news is, the University […]

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