Start Summer with Success!

    Taking summer classes is a splendid way to either get ahead of or catch up on the credit hours we need, but it comes with a unique problem: we’re learning the same 16 weeks’ worth of material in only 4 weeks. Cramming this much material into this little time can cause problems with […]

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So Long, FareWELL

Hello readers. It’s Sherrel again and I can’t believe this semester is finally coming to a close.I know we are all super excited for our summer vacation! We all have had a long semester and are probably feeling the bittersweet feeling of being sad and happy that it’s pretty much over. Spring semester seems to […]

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Summer Fun in Statesboro

Places to go and sites to see! Classes are in, they are short and sweet, and they may even leave you wondering what you’re going to do with all of your free time. But what is there to do in little ol’ Statesboro, you ask? Statesboro offers many exciting attractions that can occupy plenty of your time, […]

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Wellness in the Summer

Summertime, sweet summertime has finally arrived. We have waited all year, all semester for this break to come. So that we can relax, take a load off, and who are we kidding, get some sun! But what about all of our hard-work throughout the entire semester, those late night workouts and early morning runs so […]

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