The Power of an Open Mind

Being open-minded is the willingness to listen to and consider new experiences and ideas. These experiences are often brought upon us randomly, and we may not be able to see them. For example, there are many times where opportunities are given to us— an opportunity to accept an invitation, a job, an assignment, or a […]

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How to Not Waste Your Summer

This week is Finals Week, where dark circles form under our eyes as we sip on our third cup of joe in the third floor of the library. But guess what is awaiting us next week: Summer Break! For some of us, this means more classes; for others it means work or internships. Some of us […]

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Taste the Farmers’ Market

Have you ever passed the Farmers’ Market on campus but didn’t stop because you’ve heard the produce is more expensive or you’re not sure what to do with it after you buy it? Well the University Wellness Program is here to clear that up for you. Most people think the Farmers’ Market is more expensive […]

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Not Such A Challenge

Possibly the largest mistake we can make while living is that we make ourselves believe that our lives are too small.  As humans, we can easily become discouraged for after all we each are only one out of 7 billion people in the world!  So instead we focus on what is in reach: our relationship […]

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