Start Summer with Success!

    Taking summer classes is a splendid way to either get ahead of or catch up on the credit hours we need, but it comes with a unique problem: we’re learning the same 16 weeks’ worth of material in only 4 weeks. Cramming this much material into this little time can cause problems with […]

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Coping with College

College can often feel more like a circus than where we go after high school to pursue our dreams.  Maintaining grades, a job, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, roommates, and other extracurricular activities, all while pursuing our career goals, can turn into quite the balancing act.  Just like any circus performer, however, juggling everything at once takes […]

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Personal Development

What does Personal Development mean? If searched on the net, it is defined as the skills used to improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. Being a college student, it is hard to keep a balance […]

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The Power of an Open Mind

Being open-minded is the willingness to listen to and consider new experiences and ideas. These experiences are often brought upon us randomly, and we may not be able to see them. For example, there are many times where opportunities are given to us— an opportunity to accept an invitation, a job, an assignment, or a […]

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How to Not Waste Your Summer

This week is Finals Week, where dark circles form under our eyes as we sip on our third cup of joe in the third floor of the library. But guess what is awaiting us next week: Summer Break! For some of us, this means more classes; for others it means work or internships. Some of us […]

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The Pre-Commencement Speech

The past four years of our lives have been a mission of self-discovery. That is the purpose of college, right? To graduate knowing that somehow within the past four years you managed to make friends, earn a college education, and discover yourself. Although unimportant that we made stuff up along the way, we are now […]

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