Kick-Off to the Campus Farmers Market


Good afternoon, friends! We hope you are ready for an explosion of fresh flavors! We are excited to announce that the Campus Farmers Market is returning to campus next week. This event will be held every other Tuesday from 10AM to 1PM right on campus across from Lakeside Dining Commons— a great location for those of us who are unable to attend the usual Saturday downtown farmers market.

Why should we go to the farmers market? There are a TON of reasons why!

Farmers Markets usually have small locally-owned businesses come to sell their products. This could be produce from their farm, hand-made items like jewelry or soaps, fresh-baked goods, etc. When we buy from farmers instead of the large grocery store chains, we are giving back to our communities and eventually help make the city grow.

These vendors are also great to talk to! They are talented, passionate individuals who are ecstatic in showing off their products and learning about their customers. You will also learn a great deal about what they have to offer! Strike up a conversation with Ricardo, the farmer, and you will leave with a great, and yet simple, recipe that uses kale. Talk to Three Tree Coffee, and you have a whole new perspective on fair trade. Whoever you speak to, it is guaranteed that you will have learned something new and useful.

Have you ever bought your groceries from the Farmers Market? The food is OUTSTANDING! The vegetables and fruit will have been picked just that morning, making them super nutritious and fresh. Sugar Magnolia’s baked goods are made with local ingredients and are baked fresh every day. You basically eat it right out of the oven!

They are so much fun! Come see for yourself— with a wide variety of produce and products that are sold, you are guaranteed to find something to treat yourself with. Whether it is Sugar Magnolia with their famous cheese rolls and deliciously dense brownies, Three Tree Coffee with their crisp, sweet iced coffee, Hunter Cattle with their AMAZING Grass-fed pork hot dogs, or Willow Tree Soaps with their wonderful aromatic soaps and lotions, the Campus Farmer’s Market will always satisfy you!

While there, visit us at the Wellness table for a chance to win free giveaways and learn about what’s next on our program schedule. Because we believe in the 7 Dimensions of Wellness, there is always a program for every Eagle!

To kick-start the Campus Farmers Market, visit us at the RAC tonight from 4 to 6PM for a little taste of what the market has to offer! The wellness team has been in the kitchen creating delicious farm-to-table recipes for you to try. Join as we distribute free samples of our creations and meet our special guest: Wellie the Whaleness Whale!

See you tonight, and make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more wellness tips and University Wellness Program updates!


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