Succeed in the New Semester!

Here we are again at the start of a new semester! We’re here to help you succeed! Start with goals; SMART goals Many of us have already heard about this handy acronym in our FYE courses, but it’s certainly an acronym worth repeating since these steps are extremely helpful in making semester goals more realistic. […]

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Fad Diets are Bad Diets

What is a Fad Diet? A fad diet is a diet that idealizes rapid weight loss through what is usually and unhealthy and unbalanced diet, targeted at people who want to lose substantial amounts of weight in a small time-frame. Most fad diets claim that you are losing fat, but in reality, water weight (or […]

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Why Do We Eat?

Why do we need food? Food is an essential to human survival. Food provides the body with needed energy to carry out life-sustaining activities. Our bodies use energy to sleep, digest, think/learn, exercise, and perform any day-to-day activities. To work as a strong unit, the body needs a mix of food, water, and sleep. Without […]

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Exploring A Growth Mindset

What is a growth mindset? ‘Growth mindset’ is a psychological view, specifically developed for education by Dr. Carol Dweck; it’s the belief that one can grow to have new abilities, so long as they use strategies that work for them and put in sufficient effort. This contrasts with a ‘fixed’ mindset which says that a […]

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