Gym Insecurities: Conquer Them!

Let’s be honest: we’re judgy at the gym. If we’re not, we’re probably scared that everyone else is. The gym is a wonderful place to get the physical activity necessary for our health in a way that is diverse, social, and instructive. Yet, many of us want to avoid the gym because of the opinions […]

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Halloween is a fun time for everyone! College students might not go trick-or-treating anymore (I mean… if you’re going to, then we won’t judge), but we still have lots to look forward to for halloween! From costumes to parties, we all want to have a good time. However, since student halloweens usually involve parties, let’s […]

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The Freshman 15; Don’t Sweat It

Ahhhh, the dining commons. The ambrosial place that’s filled with ‘endless’ options. As a freshman you, of course, have healthy options in the dining commons. However, the small roulette pool of a fruit parfait, a salad, and health foods from that part of the Italian station (that may or may not be open) gets old […]

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Mental Health Stigma Q&A

Hello! This is the type of post that needs to open up with a “I’m a student with experience with this topic, but I’m not a professional, so my words shouldn’t be treated as such” kind of disclaimer. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding mental health […]

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Succeed in the New Semester!

Here we are again at the start of a new semester! We’re here to help you succeed! Start with goals; SMART goals Many of us have already heard about this handy acronym in our FYE courses, but it’s certainly an acronym worth repeating since these steps are extremely helpful in making semester goals more realistic. […]

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